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2014 Atlanta SnowStorm

30 January '14 by , under Life, Miscellaneous, Thoughts.

Traffic Jam 1 - Atlanta SnowStorm 2014For the 1st big news story to come out of Atlanta, Ga., on January 28, 2014, a snow storm was predicted to hit. According to the state governor and the mayor of Atlanta, the forecast wasn’t accurate. Despite that, I had heard that very morning that a snow storm was coming. I’m not sure how they didn’t know…maybe they don’t pick up the local Fox 5 news broadcast. They interviewed a representative of the GA Department of Transportation, who stated that they were ready to put trucks wherever they were needed. In my honest opinion, they should’ve been already on the road putting salt and sand on the roads BEFORE the snow fell. No?

For some reason, no one in my company made a decision for us to leave early until it was a little too late. We were able to leave around 1:00 pm. By that time, it had been snowing for about 2-3 hours. Not hard in the beginning, but by that 2nd and 3rd hour…it was enough to shut the city & highways DOWN!!! I was fortunate. After hearing about all of the roads around where I work, being shut down and how all of the traffic was slow…I didn’t see any of that. I took the street and made it home in about 30-40 minutes. A little longer than usual, but without any incidents.

The same cannot be said for Traffic Jam 2 - Atlanta SnowStorm 2014the hundreds of people who were stuck on the highways in the metro Atlanta area. Some people spent more than 10-15 hours in their cars, stuck in traffic. People were left to seek refuge inside of drug stores, grocery stores and hardware stores. Children were stuck to spend hours and the night at their schools and in school buses. I cannot start to know what it was like to go through what they experienced. I’m grateful that my family and I were safe @ home.

One thing that I can say is that I’m proud of how the city of Atlanta rallied and looked out for one another. There were people who went out to give out snacks, water, hot chocolate to people who were stuck. Someone on Facebook started a page called Snowed Out Atlanta, which was used for people to post on and let people know that they were stranded…where they were stranded and what their status was. This paged helped others who could get around in these conditions to find and rescue them. There were even other versions of this page created. There were so many people who were posting to this page that Facebook actually called the woman who started this page and told her that they couldn’t handle all of the posts. CRAZY!!

That started Tuesday and since then, schools and my job have been closed. I think that tomorrow (Friday), I’ll be headed back to work (even though I hope to get that final day off as well…lol). I’m not sure what is in store for this city if we get hit with more snow, but just like this time, I’ll make sure that my family is inside…safe and sound. I suggest you do the same.

What did you experience during the 2014 Atlanta SnowStorm? Did you get stuck? Did you help someone who was stuck? Were you safe and sound in your home watching the news?

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Illuminati – My thoughts – Pt. 3

24 June '13 by , under Entertainment, Hip-Hop, Internet, Music, Thoughts, Videos.

illuminati-eye1It’s been a long time since I’ve let you see my thoughts on the Illuminati & their influence/role in the music industry. Especially with R&B/Rap artists. Here’s part 3 of my thoughts.


Enjoy the video & tell me what you think?


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Favorite Commercials

20 May '13 by , under Miscellaneous, Polls, Thoughts, Videos.

Commercials are those advertisements that can hook you into buying a product, make you laugh, make you sad or make you change the channel. From the usage of babies, cute furry animals the typical “American” family or maybe even special effects, these 30 second shows definitely provide entertainment while we wait for our show to come back on.


While some, I can do without, there are some that make my day by making me laugh or leaving me with a big azz smile on my face! Here are my Top 3 commercials that I love right now.

AT&T Commercial. This is one of the may commercials where this guy asks kids all kinds of questions. This time, he asks them about the highest number they can think of. Kids say the darnedest things & make the darnedest expressions…You gotta love ’em!

State Farm Commercial. These ladies sing the State Farm jingle to see if their insurance companies can get them enough money to buy an expensive purse. The fisherman in this commercial always leaves me DYING LAUGHING!! You gotta love it!

Buick Commercial for the 2013 LaCrosse featuring Shaq. He talks about the day he was born…WOOOW! LOL!

What do you think of my choices? What are your favorite commercials on TV right now!?!?!

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Open Door Policy (at work)

02 March '13 by , under Jobs, Life, On Blast!!, Thoughts.

Open Door Policy is something that most of us have heard of in the workplace. In some parts of the world, people think about a world policy put in place so that different world countries could trade with China. That’s nice, but that’s not we’re discussing here. Let’s get into this policy as it’s relayed to us in the workplace.

This practice is used in businesses to allow employees to feel free to come at anytime to talk to upper management. It’s an opportunity to discuss suggestions, ask questions and talk about any problems that an individual might be encountering with co-workers, supervisors, etc. It’s meant to help with employee morale, efficiency, blah blah blah. But how well does it work??

If we were all Stepford workers, managers & CEOs, this would be wonderful!! But we’re not. We’re real people who feel frustration, anger, betrayal, jealousy and malice. Why would I go to another manager, jump the chain of command to let them know that my manager sucks?? This news would be discussed with my manager, who would address this, most likely, with me… Uhhhhh…this is the exact situation that I did NOT want to happen. Why would I want my supervisor to talk to me about what I said, about him, to his supervisor?? You KNOW this won’t be a discussion about how we can improve our work relation or his supervisory tactics that suck. Nope. This will be a discussion where I’ll be reprimanded for going over his head and warned not to do it again. Yeah…what a great policy!!!

Has this ever happened to you?

I’ve seen great workers who have embraced the open door policy and took the opportunity to discuss a situation where they were being harassed. Before you knew it, THEY were labeled as “someone surrounded by drama” & needless to say, they no longer work at the job and the person who did the harassing does. Hmmm…doesn’t something sound very wrong about this?

And management wonders why employees don’t speak up in meetings about negative issues that go on in the workplace?? When management doesn’t have the trust and respect of their employees, what do you expect? These people have families to provide for and need to live. Who wants to risk their job trying to make things better for a company that’s not trying to make things better for it’s employees?? Most of the time, management is fully aware of the negative things that are going on. If they took the initiative to “document” what they know is going on, instead of pushing that responsibility onto the non-management employees, the workplace would thrive. They could eliminate the lazy, selfish & greedy workers who take advantage of their situation. Good employees would actually think that their supervisors care about their work environment and well-being. Why would I tell you that someone is goofing off while the rest of the crew is bustin’ their azzez trying to get work done, especially when you’ve been notified in the past and you’ve done nothing to improve the situation? If I keep utilizing this open door policy, guess what’ll happen. I’ll get labeled as a “complainer”, the management “perception” of me will deteriorate and hey…if I keep doing what they tell me to do, I could lose my job. I’ve seen it happen and have done a pretty good job of avoiding this whole mess.

I think that you can express yourself to an extent. When you see that nothing is changing, then I think that’s proof that the open door policy is an illusion. It may be meant to accomplish one thing, but when it’s time to deal with the reality of things, I think management tends to come down with a bad case of memory loss. They tend to get defensive and “hands-off”. I tend to see situations where people are pushed in another direction. I don’t see the “I’ll help you with this” approach. I see the “you should talk to your supervisor about it” approach. It’s a shame because it makes employees feel like it’s “us” against “them” and that their words are falling on deaf ears.

Have you experienced this? Has the open door policy been handled wonderfully in your workplace? What’s your story?

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Atlanta Falcons vs. San Francisco 49ers Video

19 January '13 by , under Football, Sports, Thoughts.

Here are my thoughts on the upcoming NFC Championship game Sunday, January 20, 2013. Do you agree? What are your thoughts??

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